Wednesday, January 09, 2013


The big street dog on our lane is not nice to me, but the three puppies LOVE me. This is the little female.

 My treat is color coordinated! Grandma sent them to me.
 My little buddy Wyatt came back from America and stayed with me. I took him for a walk outside. It was his birthday.
We got him a riding car. I supervised.
Lady went on another trip, this time to Mumbai. I am at a sleepover with Marissa, Sarah, and John.  It's pretty cold here in Delhi. Lady said it is warm in Mumbai and they went to the beach!! I have never been to a beach, but I have been to that beach on a lake way up in the high mountains!


  1. Hey stay safe from the big street dog. Cute puppies though. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hi my handsome Marley,
    I'm so sorry that the big street does doesn't like you very much. We agree, stay away from him so there will be no scuffles. We can tell that Wyatt REALLY likes his new riding car. That's a really cool present that you got for him.

    We're sorry that Lady had to go away again but we know you are in a safe place while she is gone. Remember the rules ~ NO jumping!

    We remember you swimming up in the mountains. You really enjoyed that. I bet Lady is enjoying the beach. We've been swimming in our doggie pool when the weather has been hot. But now I have an infection and can't swim until it goes away. Hopefully the medicines will help with that.

    Stay well my furend. We miss you!

    Lily Belle

  3. OH MARLEY.... your Coordinated Snack and Hoodie set looks super.

  4. Hi Marley: I love your new green stripe hoodie, it is soooo you! I see you are being boarded and have a new family to learn. You and Wyatt seem to be having a good time together!


  5. Anonymous3:25 AM

    How could some doggies not like you, with that pretty green sweater you look awesome!

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

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