Monday, November 26, 2012


I'm home with Lady!!
 The three little humans I spent half my vacation with.
 This is how I roll... I've got my eyes fixed on home.
My mattress! My blankie! 
Guess what? Lady accidentally caught the RAT! Yep, it wasn't a mouse! She carefully put away any food, and also covered the traps. She didn't want to come home to a dead smell. Well... It ate a candle, a box of matches, and a LOT of butter Lady accidentally left out (covered)! Then, it climbed on top of the covered trash can and fell through! Before she left, Lady cleaned the new can with Lysol, so the rat (what was left) didn't smell gosh awful. She had a lot of chewed-up plastic and rat poop to clean up, and lots of containers to wash!!! But the rat is gone. Wouldn't want him to get my new bag of Pupperoni! Lady also went to Pet Smart and got me a new harness. It fits well and it's soft. It's called a Non-Pull Mesh Harness by Sporn. I think I might like it, but not sure yet.
Tate and Wyatt are in town and coming to visit me tomorrow!! Wyatt now calls all other dogs "Mahwee," after me! He's not yet two! Well, Lady and I are happy to be back together. We sure appreciate the two families who let me come visit with them! I had a pawsome time.
This is what Meri drew in my book!


  1. Yaaaaaay!!! I know you and Lady missed each other SO much. I'm glad you're reunited!

  2. We're glad that rat wasn't sleeping in YOUR bed with YOUR blankie! We're so happy you're back where you should be....with Lady. Vacations are fun, but being back in your own nest is best.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Anonymous4:26 AM

    TO: Marley
    From: Buddy Boy

    I am so glad Lady is back and that you'all are in your home. Visiting is nice, but it gets old, doesn't it? Have to be one your toes to be nice all the time. There is nothing like your own bed at night.

    I am thnakful that the rodent problem is solved. Hopefully word has gotten round the rodent world to stay clear of Marley's house.

    We are having a cool weather snap, so I have been staying indoors more than usual. I think the squirrels miss me not chsing them. When Aunty M. goes out on the deck they just sit and look at her. When I go out they take off and up the tree in a hurry.

    Have a good week and enjoy those treats from the US.

  4. While Lady was staying up late due to jet lag, she heard another one. Then she saw it and hollered! Woke me up. She saw it run out through a hole in the glass window way above our sink. She plugged the hole. Hopefully, she didn't trap any others in the house. I don't like rats or mice. I stayed in bed.

  5. Yay! It's so good to be home. Ew, rats!

  6. My boyfurend's back ~ yeah! Oh Marley, how I've missed you!! I'm so happy that Lady made it back to you safe and sound. We are so excited for the both of you. I bet it was a very happy reunion and that your tail was wagging a mile a minute. I bet Lady had just the best kisses for you. She's probably been saving them all up and you were smothered in them!

    Glad you're back Marley :)

    Your bestest girl, Lily Belle

  7. Thanks, Lily Belle! Yup, I licked her good, and she hugged me so tight my eyes popped! My happy meter wagged off the charts and I was vocal.