Sunday, October 21, 2012


Nancy and Vicky came on Monday to get me at the Home. Was I glad to see them! We had a sleepover in their home, then got up very early and traveled all day to get to my new home and my Lady. She was so glad to see me! She has this huge thing on her foot and walks funny. She also has a black thingy on her left wrist. I licked it. I promptly checked out every room in our new first-floor flat. My rug -check, my bowls, check, my blankies -check, my toy basket- check, my mattress-check, my Lady -check! This must be home!! My balcony is much larger than in my old home. I like it. We don't have quite as many windows as in the mountains but still lots of light radiates in, giving me rays in which to bask. 
Lady isn't able to carry me easily, so Nancy and Vicky took me out each day. We have a small park right across from our lane. Two big street dogs live around there, right by the little neighborhood watchman. They are very friendly to Lady but they bark at me. A few more dogs are not happy I moved into their 'hood. Nancy and Vicky get afraid and pick me up. Those dogs will get used to me. 
Nancy and Vicky helped Lady unpack, clean, and put things away. They left on the bus last night. Now Lady has to take me down the stairs. She asked me to please walk down but I said no. So, down we went ever so slowly. She brought me back before I was ready, but what can ya do? Pray my Lady heals quickly, okay? 
It's 35 degrees hotter here than our old place. We have to get out early and go out later in the evening when it cools off. A little black dog gets hot quickly. 
We just got internet yesterday, so Lady and I are playing catch-up.
Photos to come.


  1. Glad you are liking your new home. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Hope your lady feels better and you are able to catch yourself up!

  3. Yay for your lady feeling better and your new home!

  4. Oh my Sweet Marley,
    I have missed you so very much and I am thrilled to hear that you are finally in your new home safe and sound with your Lady once again. I always get so worried about you. I know what a bad boy sometimes you can be.....

    Your new home sounds fantastic and I know that Lady will show us pictures when she is settled in. It sounds exciting to be in a new place. There are going to be so many new smells for you to check out.

    Please take it easy on Lady as she is still a little bit broken and needs your tender loving care.

    We'll catch up when you have more time. Until then stay well and enjoy the new home.

    Hugs from your girl,
    Lily Belle

  5. I am glad that you like your new home... and that everythingy "CHECKED" out A-OK.

    Hope your mom heals FAST.

  6. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Hi Marley and Lady, so glad you are re-united at your new home and all is in proper order. Please be careful around the new dogs. Take your time to meet them and only under very controlled circumstances.

    Lady, we will keep you in prayer that you will heal fast. Please be careful going down the stairs.

    Baxter, Baxter's Mom & Dad

  7. Hi Marley!

    Its good to hear that you and your Lady are back together again. It would be hard for me to be separated from my Mom if we had to split for a while, even being with friends.

    I hope you have a very happy reunion and that Lady's foot gets better soon.


  8. Anonymous1:50 AM

    Marley, I am so glad to hear that you and Lady are together again. It is rough being separated from your loved one, even for a little while. Be a good boy and do what Lady asks you to do.

    Be nice to the street dogs. Remember you are the new comer in their territory.

    Auntie Marilyn says "hello" and that it is good to hear from you. The GA's will be glad to hear that you are settled in again.

    Buddy Boy

  9. We're doing those early 'n' late walks here, too. Sounds like you're going to have great fun investigating your new 'hood.

    We have our paws crossed for Lady and hope she heals quickly.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. I'm so happy that you and lady are back together! I will keep lady in my prayers that she heals quickly and is careful on the steps. I'm glad you like your new home. Be careful around the street dogs, you don't want to get bit.


  11. I'm glad you found your new home and are getting settled! We've got our paws crossed that your Lady gets better soon.