Saturday, September 22, 2012

WANTED: New Girlfriend for Old Heart

Handsome older gentledog with a broken heart seeks adventurous, fun-loving female furrend. Age not an issue. Nationality not an issue. Color not an issue. Height could be an issue. Please leave resume'.


  1. Dear Marley,

    Lily's Mom here... I'm sorry that you are taking this so very hard. As I've tried to explain, girls go thru this phase when they get back in school. I hope you realize just how much you STILL mean to Lily. She still has strong feelings for you, that has NOT changed. Like she told me, you will ALWAYS be her #1 man! She was very sad to see that you are throwing in the towel and giving up the ship. (Right now she's locked herself in her crate and won't come out. And we all know just how much she HATES her crate!) She only met Newby once after school and TRUST me, they only barked together. Don't get me wrong, Newby is very nice and we like him alot, but I personally think you should fight for your girl Marley! As you know, Lily's worth it!


  2. Oh dears, dis is a conundrum of sorts I do believes. Oh Marley I had no idea you cared so much furs Lily. I mean I can see why cuz hers beautiful and so darn funny. Buddy, I hopes ya'll can find a solution to all dis.

    PS: I loves dat foto of you.

  3. OMD MARLEY.... Lissen to me... I'm speaking from EXPERIENCE... You and Lily and Newby can be Bo-Furends and Girrrrlfurend and go EVERYWHERE TOGETHER and have a BLAST. REALLY. It will all be FINE and FUN. Remember.. I am MARRIED to Ruby and Penny... and have been fur over 2 years!!! It will all work out GRRRREAT. Two's Company and THREE'S A PACK!!!

  4. I agree with Frankie! I'd say I'm available, but that goes against the girl code!

  5. Oh Marley we are sure you will have lots of offers. Have a great Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Newby is sad.... he has decided he doesn't want a girlfriend.
    He says he had no idea you and she were an item.

    Go get your girl... :)

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  7. Oh boy! You know us girls never date each others exes! What happened to you two????

  8. She went on and on about Newby and I thought she furgot about me, but she didn't. I'm kinda old and live in India and she went for the younger dude. Turns out though, she didn't mean to break my heart. She just had a school girl crush. No other girl has sent me a photo like Lily Belle. I think she is the purtiest girl in the world, and I have seen a lot. I like Nola, too, but just as furrends. And truth be known, I like Eunuchs, too.

  9. Whoa, wait a minute, Josie here. I live with Bert cause they found me abandoned by a lake on the boat dock, all wet and cold and scared. As for looks I am considered very beautiful, and as for age, the guess is that I might be about 8 years old. I guess I look a lot like you only more feminine, So if you should really choose to give up on Lily Belle, I would be honored to consider getting to know you better.

  10. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Such a great picture and we love your blog.
    Girls are like buses Marley - another one will be along shortly.
    Wishing you well!
    Robin, Macy & Bailey

  11. I hope things work out for you crazy pups!