Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Boy did I get a surprise at almost 1:00 am this morning! Lady showed up at the Children's Home! She just couldn't wait! She slept with me on the sofa! Turns out, when the taxi dropped her off, the landlord had locked the ground floor door. Lady had no key! SO, she had to sleepover with Christy and me. Later, his brother opened it for us so we are home now! 
Lady put me in the shower when we got home. Said I am a dirty boy. Not anymore! Whaddya expect during monsoons?
 Lady brought me a handmade felt pig from Nepal! Thanks!
 Mmmmmm! Pork butt!
 My little buddy Wyatt came back after six months in the USA! He brought his new little brother Tate with him and introduced us! Tate was still a bun in the oven when they left. I'm showing them my new toys. We're so happy they are back in our city!!!
So, it has been an eventful Tuesday morning!


  1. Welcome home Marley! It seems like furever since we last saw you butt now that you're back in our sights once again I gotta say you look great. I hope that you had a wonderful time at the Children's Home and that you didnt get in too much trouble. (At least we didn't hear any stories about you hurting your back this time.)

    We love your new felt pig! Mr. pig is really cute and I hope that you're having a great time playing with him.

    Wow, Wyatt is getting big and how cool is that that he now has a little brother. I can tell that Tate also really likes you already.

    Be sure to catch up on some of your rest now, we don't want you to over do it.

    Lily Belle

  2. Glad all is well little fella! Deccy x

  3. Welcome home Lady and Marley!! I'm so glad that her trip went well and she brought you home a pig!! Every dog needs a pig! :)

    Glad you are back... looking forward to seeing the pictures from her trip!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  4. Lady posted photos on Monday. Check them out!