Thursday, July 19, 2012


So, Lady made this sign for me for my closing ceremony photo shoot. I cooperated. We left it here on the step, inside our gate when I took Lady for her evening walk. We weren't gone long at all, but when we returned, my sign was nowhere to be found! We asked the downstairs guy and he looked as well. Our best guess is a high school boy or a monkey- both are known for mischief! 
I'm entered in several events: swimming, destuffing (my fav), couch potato peeling, Cross Neighborhood Walkabout- Solo and With Human, Keep Away, Crazy Sleeping Singles, Snack Sack Race, Roaching and Rolling, and digging.  Can't wait! We may not all be wieners, but we are all WINNERS!! 


  1. Love it, just love it!!

  2. Marley we love you and your sign. We hope you win something but taking part was the best bit, such fun. Have a happy Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Marley & Lady, you are Genius! How come Marley you gots all the brains and I gots all the looks? We LOVE your beautiful sign! How creative was that. You're looking like a mighty cool dude over there. Good thing you took your pictures before you went for your walk. What a shame that someone or the flying monkeys took it.

    Have a great day!

    Lily Belle

  4. That's a really pawsome sign!

  5. I am super CRAZY over your WONDERFUL SIGN... Sorry it.... disappeared though. BUTT at least you got a SUPER SUPER pic of YOU wearing it!!!
    You are so right... we may not all be wieners... butt in Blogville we ARE all WINNERS!! BRILLIANT!!!!!

  6. That's an amazing sign--you should get a medal just for that!

  7. BOL well said my friend!

  8. GREAT PHOTO! Hope you win!

  9. You look so cute in your sign. Sorry it was taken. Mabey Lady will make you another one.

  10. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Hi Marley, you're a medal winner! By the way, the photos from Nepal are excellent. You and Lady are quite the world travelers.

    Baxter and Baxter's Mom & Dad

  11. Monkeys!! That's cray cray! Love your sign. Good luck!

  12. Hello Marley! How lovely to meet you!
    Our friend Lily Belle sent us here. You know what..?We stay very close by- in Delhi- and probably are closest bloggie-neighbours!Isn't that pawsome?
    You look just so handsome there posing with ur sign. Sorry about the monkeys/pesky kids. Maybe next time we can come over and help u look for it. We are good snoop-outers, you know?

    Love those pics from Nepal. Mum and Dad were in Nepal for quite smtime and those pics relieved their memories.
    We also love that pic of u passing by a school. KOOOOL!

    See U around,
    Wags, Ginger, Buddy n Shadow

  13. Great sign!! You look amazing carrying it and can't wait to see you in the closing ceremony!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  14. That was noce of Lady :)
    Nice to meet you, I'm Cotton and I lives in the United States :)