Sunday, March 11, 2012

Monkey Business

It's been a nice Sunday. Lady went to church, then a friend came for a late birthday lunch. Lady ordered from the local dhabba, which I love! We had yellow dal, rice, chapattis, and mixed veggies which has paneer (the local cheese) in it! I had seconds.
After lunch we heard a commotion outside. MONKEYS! And, not just any monkeys, these are gray langurs, the BIG monkeys. They run off those common monkeys.

 This one is running from our neighbor's stick!

 Uh oh, don't get on that motorcycle, or as they say here, bike!
 Thinking about a getaway!
These guys are REALLY big.
 Here comes the posse! This street dog climbed onto the car to try to get to the money!
 Back up!

I was going nuts on the balcony, wanting to get into the fray. Of course, Lady sqahed that idea. Well, I squashed her geraniums. She was not happy! 
The Gray Langurs were used during the 2010 Commonwealth Games to keep the common monkeys away from the guests! You can read about it in this article:


  1. Marley, are you CRAZY! Stay far away from those huge gorilla's. They would eat you alive and we wouldn't want that to happen. Isn't it amazing how the street dog's all came out to chase the monkey's. Wow! I bet the monkey's all make a lot of noise too. I would be really scared. I think you're sooo brave. Please just be careful out on the balcony. Tell Lady, great pictures!

    Lily Belle

  2. Stay away from the monkeys!!! Don't want you to be eaten
    Dachshund Nola

  3. Lady made me come inside and closed the screened doors! Party pooper.