Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

Okay, not really. As you know I am Chinese. But today, everybody can be Irish! Lady made me wear my green tee shirt and she painted a green shamrock on my forehead. Two years ago, she put a shamrock sticker on me. When she pulled it off, all the hair came, too. I had a bald spot right between my eyes for a month. Lady colored it in with black magic marker. So,she doesn't put stickers on me anymore.
We worked and worked to get ready for the party. Twenty girls came! We had a good time except for when they played the balloon stomp game. They wanted me to go out with them so I did. Was I sorry! I hate balloons. I especially hate the noise they make when popped. They each had a balloon tide on their ankle. They had to tie the balloon to their ankle and try to pop everybody else's balloon. Christy felt sorry for me and held me.
Lady let my pal Tanya give me treats. Sometimes the other girls laugh at her, and forget to help her. That makes Lady mad. She tries. We love her and want her to come. Lady made shamrock shaped treats for me.
Christy stayed and helped Lady clean up. Her mom sent us chicken for dinner! She sent Lady cauliflower and rice. Poor Lady. What a life without meat!
So, Happy St. Patrick's Day. Lady told the story about Maewyn Succat who was kidnapped at age 16 in Great Britain and taken by slave traders to Ireland where he was sold to a sheep farmer. Maewyn worked as a shepherd for 6 years before escaping to Great Britain. Later, he returned to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people of Ireland. He died on March 17 461 AD. See? I was listening. I've heard this story MANY times.
Lady's Irish on both sides, so I kissed her good!

My friend Tanya.

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  1. What no pictures of you all dressed up today in your green? Yet another party Marley! I just can't keep up with you these days. I'm sorry the noise from the balloon's scared you. I wouldn't like it either. Probably reminds you of fireworks ~ YUCK! I'm glad to hear that Christy stayed to help with the clean up. That makes it much easier for Lady. Did you get to eat any of the cauliflower? I don't much like it, but I love broccoli. But... I still gotta have my meat too! Happy St. Paddy's Day to you both.

    Lily Belle