Sunday, February 26, 2012


My bags are packed! I'm ready to go! We're taking lots of stuff. Pearly and Lady went shopping today to buy the school supplies. One of our friends sent money to pay for it. She bought colored paper, blocks, a plastic bat and ball set, playdough, paints, white board markers, wall pins, world map, India map, and state map, number chart, and some of their texts. She bought a whole bag of vegetables to take. 
I packed my rug, my bowls, food, treats, toys, blankie, sweaters, coats, towels, and feel better pills. I have my own bag. Lady brings her sleeping bag, too.
If we can get online, we'll post some photos. The roads are clear, but it is colder there than here. We'll be back next Saturday, but Lady has another trip Saturday night. She'll be back Sunday. I'll go stay at the Home with the kids. Lady says there is way too much walking for my short legs on her next trip. It is WAY out there. 
Lady's feeling much better these days, thanks. I am just dandy today. Yesterday, I was just off my game. 

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  1. Happy Trails Marley & Lady! Have a safe journey and we can't wait to hear all about it.

    Lily Belle