Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Fat Tuesday? Sounds good to me. Lady says the real name is Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of LENT.  It comes from the word "shriving" or confessing your sins. Lady began our special devotions to prepare our hearts for Easter. I know all about Easter. I get an Easter Bucket every year, but that's not what it is all about. Easter begins with a party and ends with a party. That's pretty cool. The angels sing when a prodigal comes home -when a sinner admits His sin and asks forgiveness. Because of what Jesus did on the cross over two thousand years ago, believers can have the gift of eternal life! So, this is just the beginning. Many people give up something for the days of Lent -like a sacrifice. Dogs don't have to. I'm just glad Lady didn't give ME up for Lent!
So Party hearty today, all you believers!
In New Orleans it's Mardi Gras
In Germany it's Fasching
In England it is Pancake Day (wow I like that!)
In Brazil it's Carnival!
Whatever it is called, it is a party! 
 The King of all I survey! 
Happy Mardi Gras! Party!


  1. Great post Marley! You sure are in the party spirit. Good thing we didn't see you with a champagne glass in your paw. And I do hope you know, Lady would NEVER give you up! You are her heart and soul...

    Lily Belle

  2. Anonymous2:45 PM

    You look good in purple, Marley! Teddy Bear