Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Back issues

No, it's not me. It's Lady. Her back is out again. She borrowed my heating pad and strapped it to her back! That's a switch. I think Christie is going to have to take me out today. I can't carry Lady on the stairs. Lady says she feels old today. She has a bad ocugh an dit kills her back when she coughs. 
We're having delivery for dinner. Well, at least we don't have another Christmas party until Saturday. Lady let me up on the sofa to cuddle with her. I think it made her feel better. She took care of me when I had bad troubles, so I help her when she has hers.


  1. Gentle *hugs* to you and Lady!

  2. Oh Marley, you are such a good nurse! It is very nice that you are repaying the kindness to Lady. We are so sorry to hear that Ladys back problem flared up once again. Boy, do we know all about back problems, don't we my friend. Tell lady to take some ibuprofin for the swelling (that's what Mommy's Dr. told her yesterday 'cause she didn't want to get a big needle in her back again.) We hope that Lady will relax today and take it easy. We need to teach you to go potty on your balcony Marley! That would make life much easier all around.

    Hope you have a quiet day today so that Lady can get better real soon.

    Hugs, Lily Belle

  3. Lady says thanks. I peed on newspaper yesterday so Lady is thinking maybe she can get me ot pee on it if it is on the balcony.