Monday, November 07, 2011

No Vet Today

Lady called our taxi driver and he told us that all government offices are closed today. So we have to wait until tomorrow. Lady bought me a new friend that won't chew on my ears.


  1. Anonymous3:32 PM

    We hope you get better soon, Marley. We will say a prayer for you. We read about the girl friend that chewed your ears, this one will work out better! Your friend, Teddy Bear

  2. Anonymous5:30 PM

    hi marleys mom
    perhaps you should try to find someone who practice the weenerdog had so much trouble with arthritis and this treatment helped him perfectly.
    i hope your little boy will be better soon.
    poor,little boy!
    sending you good thoughts

  3. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Good morning Marley, I'm sorry to hear that you won't be going to the Vet's today for some relief. Although I know it is NOT our favorite place to be, sometimes we have to do it. I hope that you are feeling a bit better this morning and are not as sore. I love the picture of you and your new friend. Good thing she can't chew on your ear. I had mine chewed on once by a real dog (another doxie in fact) and I had to have surgery on it because I was bleeding really bad. I now have a notch in it. Hope that you have a good day today and we will check in with you tomorrow. Hugs, Lily & Muffin

    P.S. Mommy doesn't understand why she always has to post her comments as Anonymous instead of using her Google Account Name. She's confused...

  4. Lily's mom, I don't know why unless you are not signed into your google account at the time. ABout ears, I have a notch out of my ear from a street dog in Bangalore, so maybe that's why I won't put up with it anymore.