Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted lately. Lady has guests here and has been too busy to help me with the computer. I am not allowed to use the computer without supervision. My nails get stuck in the keys, and I can't use the mouse.
One nice thing about guests is that I usually get meat! Aunty L. sent me some chicken last night. Okay, she sent it to Jerry and she shared! I love Jerry. She's a carnivore like me. But, she did buy me the wrong dog chow. I eat meat and rice flavor and she bought puppy chicken. I tossed it back up. Lady mixed it in with my regular but I still don't like it. Chicken helps.
I see the suitcase out again. That means Lady is going on a trip. I don't see mine out, which means I am not. This morning the neighborhood ladies are coming. Most of them like me. I am a good host. These ladies learn from Lady and then cook. Sometimes I get a taste, and sometimes not.
Our high today is only 69. The cool damp weather has bothered me some in the mornings. The forecast is for rain all week. Oh boy.

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