Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back in the Children's Home

Yep. She put me in the Home on Monday, but guess what? She came back and picked me up today, Wednesday! I was so happy to see her so soon! She's leaving again tomorrow morning, so I have to return to the Home, but I have tonight. Lady said she just couldn't stay here even one night without her baby -that's me. We had a nice pizza dinner. She left all my stuff at the home, but I don't need anything. She's got the big suitcase out, so I know it is going to be a long trip. Aunty Prabha is taking care of me until Jerry gets back next week. Then I can come back to my house and stay with Jerry until Lady comes home. Jerry doesn't let me sleep with her, but she fixes a bed for me right beside hers.
Well, I better help Lady get ready for tomorrow's trip! I wonder what she'll bring me????

1 comment:

  1. but I don't require anything. She gets the top luggage out, so I know it will likely be an extended excursion. Aunty Prabha has taken proper me personally right up until Jerry comes back in a few days. Then I comes time for the house and grow using Jerry until Girl returns. Jerry won't let me slumber along with her, nevertheless she corrects any mattress for me proper alongside hers.
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