Friday, May 27, 2011

Not Feelin' So Good

Lady is worried abut me. She's been praying over me all morning, ever since I took her out to take care of business and she spotted fresh blood in my poop. She scooped it up in a tub and called my vet. He said to send it with Jerry and he'd send it to the lab before 12::00, and get the results back this evening. He's also going to give me a worm pill and my rabies injection this evening. Lady took me yesterday but they were out of the vaccine. We had waited an hour for the taxi, and spent RS 300, and came away with nothing. The vet felt bad so he said he'd pick up the vaccine and give it to me at home. He lives down the mountain from us. Now this. Yesterday, I was tender. I cried when Lady picked me up and put me down. She couldn't figure out what was wrong. She didn't see my evening business yesterday because Jerry took me out. Lady had a meeting with visiting Americans. We had another storm last night. It was raining heavily this morning, so we had to wait for awhile to go out. I don't like to go out in the rain, even with my raincoat on.

If your the types who prays to God, please pray for me and for Lady. Waiting is tough. We looked up causes online and have posted the link from the I Love India site, and one other. Fresh blood is indicative of a problem in the lower intestines, usually the colon or rectum. Could be worms. Could be because of something I ate. Lady read Psalm 112 to me and we feel much better. We have to just trust the Lord. He knows best. After all, I am a gift to Lady from Him.
I'm just chillin' with my baby and Lady.


  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Hi Marleigh and Lady, I am praying to our Good Lord and Father for both of you. I am sorry to hear about this. Hopefully, this will pass and you will be feeling better.

  2. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Hi, Marley and Lady! Just read the post about your troubles, Marley. Will be praying for the two of you . . . that all goes well with the vet visit tonight and that the meds will take care of the issues. Also praying that the Great Physician will be gracious to you both. Sarah