Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Lady says I am mopey today. I can't tell her why. I refused the carrot she offered me, even with my favorite- ranch dip. I refused the couscous. I won't eat my dog chow. I did however, get enthusiastic about the treats Lindsey brought me last night!
I don't like the new step stools Lady bought for me. She put them at the end of the bed to help me get up and down. If she helps me, I'll go up, but I do not like down. She may get another step.
I got busted for jumping on the sofa and chairs while Lady and Jerry are out. I left evidence. I knocked off the pillows and couldn't put them back, plus I left what Lady refers to as "wee wee juice." So I leak. I am a male. Problem is, the furniture isn't ours.
I've been busy chasing a fly. I'll eat when I get hungry. I'm holding out for good stuff.
Well, it's time to take Lady out for her afternoon walk. There are tires to mark, and bushes to sniff, so catch you later!


  1. Oh you must be careful about leaving evidence. very tricky that evidence thing. when you leave it behind they do not believe that it was your best chew toy that did it and that you are innocent. how can they tell??? it's like they can read your mind or something. spooky!

    Flash, alven and dottie

  2. You're funny! I got away with it for awhile. She thought messy friends were the culprits.