Saturday, June 05, 2010


We have had a houseful! Auntie Carol arrived Monday to come stay with us while she gets better. She had to get out of the heat of her city. Two of Gerry's friends arrived Wednesday morning from the farm where Gerry grew up. Lots of people means lots of food! Gerry's friends are Indian and they eat MEAT! Lady doesn't, you know. They all like me.
Our house has been decorated with lots of white lights! Our landlord's son got married! Lady went to the reception last night. I met a lot of new people. So many humans going up and down our stairwell! I liked watching the bride and groom's car with all the flowers stuck to it. Oh, you should have seen all the beautifully dressed humans! Lady said they were every colorful! She came home really late, but still I took her out for a walk. I had been waiting up far past my bedtime. A little black dog needs his rest. But, Lady needs her exercise, so I took her out.
I got scolded for jumping off the bed today. I am not allowed. It is bad for my back. I forget. We don't have a vet here yet, so Lady says I can't get hurt! It took a lot of time and a lot of injections and vitamins for my back to get better. Lady doesn't want me to hurt myself again. She loves me that way.

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