Friday, May 28, 2010

Made it Safely to Our New Home!

In India, you don't move, you shift. You do not go out of town, you go out of station. We'll we shifted to a hill station today -the Himalayas that is! We left at 3:30 am so this little black dog would get so hot. Lady wanted me to pee before I got in the car, but I was so excited I just wanted to get in the car and go! We had an anything but boring ten hour trip. We made several stops. For starters, we had to sit in the front seat -together- and there was no working safety belt. Lady was not happy about that! We did have AC. The moon was full so it wasn't too dark. When we got to our new state, the driver had to pay tolls and taxes. It took an hour to get through that town! We passed all kinds of wild life, including an abundance of monkeys. The road was really windy, but I don't get motion sick. Lady says I am a good traveler. She brought my new blue Scooby Doo. I chewed his tongue and ear off. She brought my yellow dish, and some chicken sausage. Yum! For breakfast we shared a potato parantha. It's like a stuffed spicy pancake, but greasier. We finally arrived at 2:00 PM. I was so ready to get out and explore. I checked every room. My rug is here, my dishes are here, my blankie is here, my toys are here, and Lady is here. Must be home.
Here are some photos of my trip. I will post photos of my new home tomorrow. Lady is pooped.

Beauty along the way.
Ya never know what you'll see heading down the road!
This is our taxi. We refilled the car and my water dish, and un-filled me.
Taking care of business and checking out the scenery.
Storing the livestock food. We saw lots of these.

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