Saturday, May 22, 2010


I had such a fun party! We had lasagna, pizza, green beans, carrot sticks, golden bars, all kinds of nuts, and I had chicken sausage! Every year I play a game with my guests. They choose a treat they think I will like the best and they all line up. Lady holds me back until they are ready. Whichever treat I eat first, that human gets a prize! I try to grab as many of the treats as I can. Peyton won this game. Peyton and Tom challenged me to a drinking contest! They got down on all fours and raced me to see who could lap up their water the fastest. Tom won! He beat me! I was very busy chasing bones when they played the bone toss. I managed to grab quite a few. I won the "hot dog" game. It's played like hot potato only they passed around my new blue Scooby Doo. I intercepted it a few times! Eventually Rachel won. Rachel's daddy won the Pin the Tag on the Dog game. Lady wrote a quiz about me and Auntie Nelly won! She reads my blog so she knew all the answers -well, most anyway. Peyton and Hannah made me the coolest gifts! I have my own treat jar with my picture on it. They made my treats from scratch. Even Lady thinks they're yummy, but I reminded her whose picture is on the jar. They also made me a mat for my dishes, and they decorated towels for me. I had fun opening my gifts.
Lady says I am as fat as a tick! I didn't eat all day saving room for tonight so I could sample everything. My cake was a peanut butter carrot cake.
Thanks for the well-wishes. I had a great day. I hope you enjoy my photos.

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