Friday, January 29, 2010

Bitten Again!

Well, you'd think I would have learned my lesson about running with the big street dogs. I live in a house with a bunch of human girls. One of them left the door open. Open doors mean opportunities to meet girl dogs ( Lady doesn't all me to use the real word for female dogs). I got bit on the neck. When Qing came back from classes she noticed the blood and the hole in my neck. She took me back to the hospital for another series of five after-bit shots! OUCH! When am I gonna learn not ot take on the big boys! That was January 15th. I have already had to go back three more times. One more and I am finished. But, I also have a skin infection -more spots. So, I am on medication for that, and have to have a topical ointment put on every day twice a day. Lydia took me to hospital this last time. Qing is in her last semester of her bachelor's program. Graduation is March 13. She told me Lady is coming back for graduation, and to get me. Yippeeee!
Recently, some of my American human friends came by to check on me after hearing from Lady that I had been hurt. I was sooooo happy to see them! I cleaned their faces good. They told Lady I was acting like myself, so she would stop worrying. They told me Lady misses me terribly. She is still in the US and is trying to get back to India. What a happy day that will be when my Lady I see! I need to stay out of trouble until she can come back to get me!

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