Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to School

Lady and I have been working every day, long hours, preparing for today's opening day of school. I'm still homeschooled, so I didn't go today. But I was sure there helping Lady get ready! I stepped on bulletin board posters she was drawing, spilled my water on another chart, shredded her door mat, chased the workmen away, scared a new student, unmade her freshly made reading corner, emptied the trash for her, and killed one of the geckos. I had to stay busy when I wasn't napping in her reading corner! Everytime Lady went downstairs, I went downstairs. I even attended her faculty meetings. I was very quiet. She gave me a new chew. Lady took me every day and every night as she prepared. She likes my company. Auntie Carole, Millie's mom, brought me this bunny from America. I think she still feels guilty about breaking our arranged marriage. Millie is a cute little wire haired dachshund. She didn't go to America, but stayed in India. This year, Auntie Carole's two kids are in Lady's third grade.
Lady says my doctor is coming tomorrow. Uh Oh. I have chewed all the hair off two of my toes, and it is red and swollen. Lady thinks I picked up an infection from one of my street friends, "Doe." Doe's toes are a mess and she has trouble walking. I can walk just fine, but I run on three legs most of the time. I hope he doesn't stick me. I absolutely hate that!!
It rained hard this afternoon as Lady was trying to get hoem from school. I don't like going out in the rain, so I wait. Don't forget, you can e-mail me at littledogmarley@hotmail.com.

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