Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bitten Again!

Lady is not happy with the garbage lady and her son. The boy left the gate open. They have this fat, ugly dog that follows them onto my street. Well, I ran out the gate and tried to give him what for. He snarled and barked and reached down, taking ahold of my ear and neck. I cried! Lady rushed to my rescue, but I managed to get away and run back to my house. I cried and cried -I admit. Well, it HURT! He bit through my ear and took a nick off the edge. My poor ear. And I have a puncture wound on my neck. Lady cleaned my up, searching for holes. My ear is the worst. She applied ointment and TLC. I shook for ten minutes. Lady just held me and talked to me. I am healing nicely, though.
In other news, Lady had her last day of school yesterday. School's out for summer, just in time for the monsoons which began a few days ago. It has rained every day now for four days. Our scorching hot days are passed, and the rainy ones are here. Lady didn't quite get her laundry in before the rain today.
Auntie Al's mom is here with us. She likes me. After Lady leaves in the morning, I go jump in bed with whoever is sleeping on the floor! I scared her mom the other morning when I jumped down from the bed onto her tummy! Early morning wake up service!! I guess I should have let Lady sleep late this morning since it was Saturday, but I didn't. I woke her up at 6:oo, and got her out by 6:20! Happy vacation!

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