Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bags of Blankets

I'm a very tolerant little dog. I'm sitting atop forty blankets Lady purchased yesterday for the tent families. We went around to each tent area on our block and recorded the names of the families and kids. Well, Samson recorded the names. Lady and I entertained the kids. They love for her to pick them up and pretend to drop them. They come to her and throw their arms up in the air and say, "Whoops! Whoops! Auntie!" Some of the tent families are Muslim, and some are Hindu. Most are non-veg which is a surprise to Lady. The Muslims won't eat pork and the Hindus won't eat beef, so we're serving chicken biriani. Lady brought home more than blankets yesterday! She bought me some ground buffalo meat! I can't wait! She has a special pan for frying my meat and rice. Lady and I are so thankful to Auntie Jeano in America, and Auntie C. and Big T. here in our city. They provided funds to help pay for the food and blankets. Lady and I got all the stuff for the kids. They are getting Milky Bars, milk biscuits (which they love), some chocolates, lollipops, pencils, sharpeners, eraser, and a new toothbrush and toothpaste. The families are also getting some cooking spices. I will be handing out goodies to the neighborhood street dogs. Lady says I should share. It's Christmas. Auntie R. and Auntie B. came over last night for a packing party. They helped pack all the blankets into bags, and packed all the gifts into the kids bags. Auntie Al's room is covered in all the bags! We had pizza, macaroni and cheese, and carrots with ranch dip! All my favorites. I am not allowed to have very much dairy at one time, though. But I love carrots! I lick off the dip and want more. Lady says, "no double dipping." So, I chew the carrot. It helps clean my teeth. We have one more day to prepare for our big Christmas Party!

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