Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Visit With Julia Belle

I dressed up in my Pooh coat and hopped in Goldie's car to go for a visit to see the daughter of a colleague of Goldie's. We went to see Julia Belle. Julia Belle was like any other 13 year-old until a year ago Oct.1st when a car accident changed her life forever. They were on vacation over the National Day holiday when they were involved in a terrible car accident which left Julia Belle a paraplegic. She's spent the last year in three different hospitals having two surgeries, and has only recently returned home to our city. Now, she's in a wheelchair. She has broad arm movements, and can breath on her own. She giggled when I entered her room. She even stroked me with her arm. I danced for her and showed her some tricks. Lady brought her some books and read to her. She likes to study English. As a matter of fact, her dad is an English teacher at the senior middle school. Maureen has a cousin in Canada who is also a paraplegic and even works for a paraplegic association. She gave Maureen the name of a help organization in our capital city. She is also getting her some penpals. Tomorrow, Maureen will go visit her and take her outside. Maybe I will visit her again as well. I can lick her hands and make her smile!

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