Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I've been a busy little dog. I went on vacation to Betty's for a couple of nights. Betty has a mosquito tent over her bed. I like that. When she practices the piano, I lie down underneath. Sometimes I sing along. I don't know why she laughs at my singing. I was so happy to see Lady when she came to pick me up. I cleaned her face good! Even though it was time to go to Saturday night English Corner, Lady took me home ot my own bed. Little dogs still aren't allowed in public places. Lady doesn't want to take a chance that the police will snatch me away. Well, anyway, Lady brought home a turkey. Thanksgiving is coming! I had turkey at Christmas last year and I really liked it. We're having lots of company for Thanksgiving. Lady has been teaching about Thanksgiving in all of her classes this week. She went to the #2 middle school today and taught another 140 students and six teachers. She took a photo of me with her. She said the students liked seeing my photo, the one where I am busy at the computer writing my blog. Gratitude isn't big here. Humans don't say thank you very much here. Lady hopes the students will not only be thankful for their blessings, but know the One to be thankful to. Lady is thankful for many things, including me! I am thankful for Lady, meat, my fuzzy blanket, meat, my toys, Lady's fuzzy blanket, meat, treats, my chair, my coats on a cold day, meat, Betty and Julia, Belle, Michael and Tom, meat, and my nice home. What are you thankful for? Posted by Picasa

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