Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Well, I still have that strange white-haired spot but it isn't any bigger or thicker. No one has written to offer any help as to what it might be. I checked my e-mail. I go back to the White Coats in October for my innoculations, so Lady will have them check me again. I don't have worms. Lady wormed me just in case. Otherwise, I am just dandy, and looking foreward to the arrival of friends from the states. I know Sylvia and Bettyanne! They love me. Lindsey and Tom will be new to me. They are volunteer teachers from the USA coming to teach a mini-English Camp over the coming National Day holiday October 1-6th. Keep checking my blog and I will keep you posted on what they are up to!
Lady's been very busy helping other volunteers in our city, but they left today. That's why I haven't been able to get on and write to you. I am not allowed to use the computer by myself.
Some of my student- friends are out of school as of today. Some will not be out until Saturday or Sunday. Lady has to teach her Wednesday class on Saturday morning! Whenever there is a holiday, some of the classes are made up over the weekends! The People's Republic of China was formed in 1949 on October 1st. This is a major holiday in China. And according to the lunar calandar, the Mid-Autumn Festival will also occur during this time. This is the traditional time to celebrate the harvest and to have a family reunion. It is on the fifteenth day of the eighth month which is October 6 this year. I have already had my first moon cake! It had ham inside. I chose it myself at the store behind our gate! Usually, friends give Lady moon cakes and I get the ones with meat inside!!! I love moon cakes! October 6th is when the moon will be at its fullest, so be sure to look!

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