Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm back! I had to go back to the white coats on Wednesday. He gave me three more shots! I only growled on the first one, but he hurt me bad on the second one and I cried and cried LOUDLY, right in Lady's ear. She just held me and tried to tell me it was okay. Yeah, right! SHe didn't get stuck so hard! I cried and cried and shook, even after the shot was over. Lady felt so bad for me. I got a treat. But next thing ya know, I'm getting stuck AGAIN! I didn't cry. Lady said I was a brave little dog. I got another treat. My hinie is sore again, but I could climb the stairs. Lady also had the White Coat check out my bruise. It's right by my weewee. The White Coat said it would be okay. I must have hit it on somehting, but I don't remember. I am a very active little dog, you know. The rest of me is fine, unlike some of the other dogs in that place! Posted by Picasa

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