Thursday, March 09, 2006

International Women's Day

It may be the Year of the Dog, but March 8th is International Women's Day. I'm pretty sure it is just for humans, but I still got in on Lady's celebration of Women's Day. The Wednesday Night English Corner met for dinner at a neighborhood restaurant. In China, the women are recognized in different ways in their work place. Our friend Jenny went to climb Green Mountain with other police women. Our friend Cherry, with the Education Bureau, is going to Hainan Island with other women from her department. Some women teachers had the afternoon free, and others were given gifts. I don't think the women who sweep our streets got anything. We gathered for a dinner with our friends, and the men toasted the ladies.
Lady went to the capital city last week for a special gathering of foreign women in China. I went to stay with Judy and her daughter, Betty, age 8. I slept with Betty every night. She and Judy both love me so much that they want me to come for another visit. They gave me beef soup and meat! At the dinner, I jumped up in Judy's lap. She rewarded me with sweet and sour pork, and some ham. Lady was happy to eat her old lady potatoes, fried pumpkin cakes, corn, spicy tofu, and fried potatoes. I was happy to eat meat! Lady brought me back some special Purina dog chow, but it just doesn't compare to the meat I get when we go out to eat!
I went from lap to lap after dinner as the humans talked. Edward has joined us the past three weeks. He translates English into Chinese. I bet he can't translate dog into Chinese!
In our home it is always the Year of the Dog, and always Lady's Day!

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