Friday, February 17, 2006

To Market To Market!

I tried to post photos yesterday, of our trip to the market, but we had difficulties and it didn't work. Lady came home from teaching two classes at a new kindergarten and picked me up. It was a beautiful, sunny day! We passed our neighbor, an old granny with tiny bound feet. Sometimes we see her sitting outside on the curb embroidering her tiny shoes, or her apron. She wraps her head in a plaid scarf. Her feet are thick and tiny, as was thought to be beautiful in the old days. She speaks to Lady in a thick dialect diffiult to understand, but Lady tries to guess what she means.
On the way to the market, I take care of business and scrounge for whatever. Lady yanks my leash if I try to eat an old bone or some other garbage. We pass another tiny-feet granny who has already been to market. She walks very slowly with her arms held behind her for balance. It is difficult to walk on deformed feet tightly wrapped in cloths. When she was very young, someone bent her toes under and bound up her feet in tightly wrapped strips of cloth. The toenails grow into the bottom of the foot. It is very painful. In those days, tiny feet were thought to be beautiful. Girls with tiny feet brought a higher bride price. She has only a few teeth left, but smiles at us anyway.
Lady drags me through the meat aisle so I won't pick up raw scraps on the ground. I know the butchers would give me meat if Lady would let them, but no, she won't. Spoil sport! We have to buy tofu and veggies instead. I got caught lifting my leg on a basket of veggies, but at least the vendor didn't chase after Lady and make her pay.
We'll try again to post some photos of the people I have described.
This morning Lady left me behind as he went to climb the mountain with Belle, Goldie and Nancy. I protested, but she reminded me that little dogs are not allowed. She said the guards will take me and kill me. A year ago, little dogs were allowed, but the government decided that animals in public are a health risk. They said something about SARS. Give me a break! What I don't understand is why the little humans can poop on the sidewalk, and water the sidewalk or trees and they don't get in trouble. It bothers Lady as well. They leave a much bigger mess! At least Lady cleans up after me if I leave business where someone can step in it! The humans don't.
Lady said some humans take their dogs anyway and hide them in their coats as they leave through the gate. Some put their dogs in a carrier. So, Lady got the bright idea she could put ME in a "carrier." Fat chance. It is a manly plaid of brown and tan with black mesh on each end and across the top. Lady tried to fold me up to get me in it but I did not cooperate. I am four years old and I have never been in a carrier before. What was she thinking? She tried to hide me under her coat but I kept poking my head out. So, she thought she could hide me in this carrier. Think again. Yes, I want to climb the mountain with her, but I have my dignity. Yes, I want to see the beautiful blossoms on the trees, and find scraps people leave behind, but I am NOT getting in that carrier no matter how many treats Lady puts inside. And can you believe she washed my Pooh Bear fuzzy blanket? I worked hard to get all the smells on it and to fray the edges.
Lady and her friends got near the top and stopped to do some exercises with other humans. Lady joined the group doing tai ji. Goldie joined the dancers, and Belle exercised to music. All over the mountain you can find humans exercising. Many people run up and down the mountain. They also yell at the top of their lungs. Lady thinks it is fun to yell right back. Every day, a large group of older humans climb the mountain and sing. One man plays a funny horn, another a flute, and yet another plays the accordian. They wave and smile at Lady because she always greets them and waves. Lady teaches her friends praise songs in English. They sing all the way down the mountain. This morning they sang, "He Is Exalted," and "This is the Day."
Lady loves to sing on the mountain top, and praise the Creator. I am glad she comes home to me, and lets me take her for another hike. After all, I am just a little dog and need my exercise as well! Don't forget, you can e-mail me if you want.

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