Monday, January 16, 2006


Thanks to a friend's advice, Lady was able to post some photos for me. I've had many requests, so I will try to add more later. I told you about Lady's birthday party, so I posted two photos from that event. Lady had so much cake leftover, but she said I'd had enough!
I also included a photo from Christmas, showing my tree and some of my favorite gifts. Of course, I am wearing my handsome red silk coat. When I wear it, I get so many compliments! I am not allowed to wear it to the market, or if it is muddy out; I get very dirty.
I took Lady to the market this morning.She is making a salad to take to a friend's home tonight. Our friend is a teacher at the local university. I don't know why, but Lady said I am not invited. It is a beautiful, sunny but cold day! Lady dragged me past the meat section to find the vegetables she wanted. A fuzzy little yappy dog tried hard to get my attention. I was aloof. Lady really irritated me this morning. I kept trying to mark my territory, but Lady would yank on my leash so I'd lose my balance. What's a guy to do? I know I am not supposed to teetee on the merchandise, but sometimes I try to get away with it. Lady scolds me. On the way home, we ran into the little white dog that lives at the beauty parlor near us. We were so surprised to see that she is now a blonde! Only the area around her eyes is still white! I hope Lady doesn't get any ideas about dying my beautiful black coat another color. That little dog drives me crazy. She allows follows me and bites on my mouth! She used to be small enough to run under me, but now she is taller than I am! I had another little admirer that lived in the same shop, but she went the way of most puppies here. Their humans don't take them to the white coats and get them stuck. Yes, it hurts, and maybe I yell a bit, but it keeps me from getting sick and dying. We wonder how long this one will last.
My dear friend, Jennifer is coming over to see me before she takes Lady to the dinner party. Jenny comes over every week to chat and improve her English. Sometimes we go to the foot massage parlor on Mondays. I hope we go tonight. If we do, I will get Lady to post a photo. Jennifer is a police officer. She tries hard to keep me (and Lady) out of trouble. She is a good friend and we love her very much. She doesn't have a little dog, but she has a little boy who is a little younger than me. After Spring Festival, he will come to play with me. Spring Festival is right around the corner! The students are finishing up their end of term exams, and some are headed home. Many senior middle school students live in dormitories at the school and only go home on holidays. They may have six or eight students sharing one room. Even the ones who live in the city stay at school, because they have so many night classes. It will take some of them many hours by bus or train to get to their home. Daisy Mae and a couple of others said good bye to us at English Corner, because next Saturday, they will take the bus home. Do you wonder why all the Chinese have English names? They don't. Their English teachers give them a name, or sometimes they ask Lady to name them. She can't remember their Chinese names as well, so even if they don't speak English, she will refer to them with an English name. Another friend, Doris, already called and was headed home for the holidays. Many students call us and tell us good-bye before they go home for the holidays. Our friend Jade is a senior. She came over yesterday to visit with us. She has final exams this week, then will go home next Sunday. We don't expect many people at our Saturday English Corner. It will be our last until after Spring Festival. I'll be going to stay with my friends for my vacation. I don't know what Lady will do without me. After all, I am just a little dog, but my Lady needs me.

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