Sunday, May 06, 2012


The cow is considered sacred in India, but do you know why? One of their most popular gods, Lord Krishna, was saved by a cow when it gave him nourishment and saved his life. The cow gives milk used for making ghee (clarified butter) essential for worship. Milk is life-giving. Also, cow poop is used for fuel and for disinfecting. Cows can wander anywhere they want. Hindus used to eat meat, until Buddhism came along with its message of nonviolence, so Hindu priests stopped eating cows or using them for sacrifices. Indian cows have long ears, a big hump, and a bushy tail. They look different than Chinese cows, although I mostly saw water buffalo there. On my street in South India, water buffalo walked by our house every day. I had to dodge their huge piles when I walked. Did you know India has 26 different breeds of cows?
I love my cow.


  1. Anonymous2:34 AM

    Hi Marley and Lady, great pictures! Hope you are both having a great weekend.

  2. Oh Marley.... You're still as handsome as ever! You look mighty lovey-dovey with your cow. I have a cowie too but he's in NY at the moment. I will get to see him next week.

    I hope that you are feeling good today and that the shot helped you with your pain.

    We gotta start getting ready to go and howl at the big Super Moon tonight. If I howl loud enough, maybe you will hear me in India.

    Hi to Lady!

    Lily Belle

  3. Hi, Marley!
    I hope you are doing well today!
    It is interesting to know about the cows there in India.
    I can see you love a lot your little cow!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. I hope you're feeling good! That's so interesting about cows in your country
    Dachshund Nola