Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

 I spent the last hours of 2011 playing with all my toys!
 Lady went to a New Year's Eve prayer meeting on the Ridge. Lady saw TONS of people on Mall Road.
 The sun setting on 2011.
 We went to the Children's Home for a special gathering. It's my second home.
I stayed all warm and cozy in my blankie by the heater. 2012 is here!!
Happy New Year my furends and human friends!


  1. It sounds like Lady had a wonderful celebration! You beat us into 2012 and hope that it is treating you well so far. We have 7 hours to go before we put on our hat's and blow our party horns.

    I hope that the fireworks didn't scare you too much this time. Were there alot of them?

    We're going to stay home this year and relax by the fireplace. (Poor Muffin hates the crackling sound of it). Mommy is soooo tired with all the work she has been doing to get us ready for Florida. Then Mommy and Daddy just got home from the hooman hospital as our Aunt Pat had a heart attack late last night. She will be there until next week where on Tuesday they will decide what to do. We are sending Grandpa out for the evening, so it will nice and quiet here ~ Yes!

    Mommy said it's time for us to eat our kibble now. I think she bought us some nice doggie bones for a special treat for tonight. Hope she gives them to us well before the clock strikes midnight. Not sure Muffin and I will be awake by then!

    Happy 2012 Marley and Lady!

    Lily Belle

  2. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Hi Marley and Lady, Happy New Year! So glad you both a such a nice celebration. Marley, you look nice and toasty warm in your blanket by the heater. All the best wishes for 2012.

  3. Happy New Year!
    Dachshund Nola

  4. Well, it's official now Marley ~ It's 2012!
    Many blessings to you and Lady.

    Lily Belle