Thursday, May 03, 2012

Three Sticks

As promised, Lady took me to the vet's today. I got stuck three times -one for pain and inflammation, and two were my annual inoculations. I am just a bit early but Lady wanted them to kick in before our big trip the day after my birthday/adoption day May 20. We go to a government veterinary hospital. It costs $0.05 to see the vet. Then, Lady paid $3.25 for my syringes, and the vaccines. It's costs $4.00 to go there and back. Bet you wish you had my vet bills. In the capital city we went to a private vet and paid tons more. There's a trade-off, but at least I can get some vet care. 
 We picked up Nan to help us. She went and got my vaccines, and pills, and helped Lady communicate with the vets. I got ladies this time!!
I waited patiently on Lady's lap while Nan went to fetch the drugs. 
Wish I had a piece of chicken for every time Lady said "You're such a good boy." I was. I didn't cry when they stuck me, I didn't cry when they trimmed my nails. I didn't bite, either. Okay, so they tied my mouth shut, but I didn't even try. I was such a good boy. And it's official. I am a fluffy boy -weighing in at almost 26 pounds! And the vet said not to let me exercise much in the coming days. So after my "such a good boy" reward, I'm cut off from my favs for awhile. I had cheese last night!
So, Lady and Nan took me up the mountain side to where Lady shops. Sooooo many wonderful smells! We passed the butcher with goats hanging, and the Punjabi shop with naked chickens in a glass case, and the smelly fish shop with blood and guts splattered all over the walls and floors. We passed stall after stall of spices, veggies, fruit, chutneys, and dairy products.
 Here's the first set of steps Lady carries up. Nan offers to help trade off, but on the way down, Lady carried me and Nan carried the stuff.

 Here's the next set. We have to go up four sets, and wind around and cross a road or two just to get to the lower bazaar.
 This is the lower bazaar.

 So many new, interesting smells, and so many places to mark!
 Nan and I have a rest while Lady goes into the one grocery store. This is the only store in which she can find cheddar cheese, (but they haven't had it since before Christmas), veggie bouillon cubes, powdered sugar (out), small crystal sugar (most is large and crunches in baked goods), and some other stuff. Lady says normally there are tons of monkeys around, but they stayed out of my way, PTL.
 Yippee! Now we're waiting for chicken zingers from Domino's for the "such a good boy!"
 Lady peels off the coating for me and I wait impatiently for it to cool. She gives one to Nan, who has never had one before! I don't mind sharing. nan was a big help to us today. Lady bought her pizza and a Fanta, as well. This is a big treat for her.
Anticipation!! Lady let me have two. I have to save the rest for tomorrow. 
I loved my trip to our Mall Road. We don't have a shopping mall, just a walking street and the lower bazaar down the side of the mountain. And I didn't even cry when Lady lifted me. On top of this wonderful trip, we went past our home for another fifteen minutes to the post office. We got a care package from Aunty Yvonne! Lady wouldn't let me help open it because she said it held a birthday surprise. I think I'm on a diet until my party!


  1. WOW!!! I envy your vet bills SO much! Even the low cost place here in the US is about $60 JUST for an exam!
    Dachshund Nola

  2. Same as Nola. It cost $116 last time just to check our ears--and there was nothing wrong...BOL!

    Your shopping sounds like it has MUCH MORE interesting smells than ours--not that we're allowed in. Hope that needled helps your arthritis. SHE said her knees hurt just looking at all those steps you have to climb... It's pretty flat here.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Marley, what a busy day you had. I bet you are sleeping good tonight. So many adventures in one day.

    I will have the house to myself tomorrow. My lady and gent are going to Tampa to the gratuation of their oldest granddaughter. She is graduating from USF. They were gone most of today also, a meeting and the death of a neighbor. As long as Lady plays ball with me before she leaves and before bed time at night.

    Have a good day.

    Buddy Boy

    1. Buddy Boy, I got a package today! Thanks! I sent an email to Aunty and the little humans. Don't make too big of a mess while Aunty is gone.

  4. Ouchie!
    3 of them??
    The things we have to endure to stay healthy, right?
    Sure is interesting to go shopping there where you lives!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

    1. One was for my pain, and two were my annual vaccinations. I've had more before. Feel like a pin cushion.

  5. Oh Marley, we are so sorry tohear all about you being a pin cushion for the Vet. I hope at least the pain is starting to go away for you. At least Nan was with Lady to help you out and give you BIG cuddles during the polking. And the yummy treats afterwards would have been enough for me to say "go ahead give me another shot!" You are so dang lucky to get Dominos chicken.

    Mommys laptop rolled over and died this morning and it is brand new! Mr. Man is trying to fix it today for her for a mighty $$$. So mommy is typing this from her Nook Tablet and mumbling & grumbling under her breath.

    We are heading back home to NY on Friday the 11th. Its gonna be a looooong (sedated) ride for me since i have to be crated in the back. Muffin that louse will sleep the entire two days and will love it!

    Big hugs to both you and Lady,
    Lily Belle

  6. P.S. i forgot to say that i like you just the way you are. I dont think you're fluffy, i like to think of it as just more to love!

    Wink, wink, blush,
    Lily Belle