Wednesday, April 04, 2012


As promised, Lady gave me eggs. She broke the first two trying to blow out the insides. She's says I get more tomorrow! Oh, Happy Day! So today was out first Easter party, for neighborhood ladies.
Yummy! Lady had a basket of plastic eggs each containing items to remind us of the Easter Story. Each of our guests had eggs to open and then read the verse in their language. She spread the eggs out so everybody could see the contents.
 One of the eggs held a half of a biscuit in it -supposed to be the flat bread from the Last Supper. I ate it. Lady frowned upon that behavior.
 See the blue egg? It was just lying there in the open. What would you do?
 Lady covered our screen with all her spring-colored duppattas (like a scarf). She has a lot. You can see that all the ladies have them on as well.
 Lady explained the tradition of coloring eggs. She only managed to get 4 blown out since two broke. They boiled four of them in natural stuff like tumeric and coriander.
The ladies also made a lemon bundt cake. I didn't get any but that's okay. 
Lady and Christy went shopping for our Easter parties this weekend. Our second party is Saturday with the Girls Club, and the third is Sunday afternoon for the Children's Home for twenty-two kids and six adults. So, we're very busy preparing the gifts, food, and activities. Lady said there is nothing good here for Easter - no Cadbury Cream Eggs (so she will make some), no peeps, no Hershey's eggs, no jelly beans... but she'll make some good stuff. 
I checked in all the bags to see if she brought anything for me. I found leftover Domino's pizza!!!!!


  1. Hahaha Marley. I wouldn't have wasted the half biscuit either. :)


  2. Teehee! That was pretty slick taking the biscuit Marley! Sounds like you have a busy Easter schedule with lots of yummy food! Good find on the Domino's!!

  3. You know Marley, pretty soon I'm gonna have to hire you and Lady to throw our parties around here. You both are such good host's! Yes, I too would have eaten the cookie.

    You had egg's?? Awesome!!! Score one for Marley :)

    Lily Belle

  4. Are those the resurrection eggs like we do here? We love those!



  5. Probably, but Lady made hers and uses 15 instead of 12. It's a fun way to share the story of Easter and get everyone involved. Plus this way, they get the story in their own language. Lady tries, but her Hindi is not good.

  6. That biscuit sure was there for you!
    I know it.... I know it...
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Any food left within your mouth yours.

    Sounds like you are going to have a great Easter....especially the eggs. We like hard boiled, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy