Thursday, March 29, 2012


Oh happy day! Lady came to get me first thing this morning. I was having breakfast at the Home with a couple of American visitors. Aunty told them I was American. No, I'm not -I'm Chinese. I have an American mommy. I am of German decent, but born in China. Anyway, I was ready to go home with my Lady. She says I'm a bit fluffy. She made me grilled cheese for lunch.
Lady got to see my friends Millie and Max. They are wire haired doxies. Millie and I were briefly engaged until her people got her surgery. Lady was so disappointed they got her a LARGE chocolate bar. My last birthday party down south was in their home.
Yes, Lady brought me a surprise. And, Uncle Greg sent me an Easter card and a book. Thanks! He visited me in China one Easter. We had a fun time sharing about Easter with the Chinese kids in our 'hood. I think that was the year I accidentally ate Easter grass from Lady's basket (as I was stealing an egg) and it got stuck on the way out. I cried. People noticed. Lady was embarrassed. I never ate Easter grass again.

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  1. Yeah! Lady's back which means that Marley's back too! We sure missed you Marley!! Your story about the Easter grass was really funny. (Tho I'm sure you still cringe when YOU think about it!)

    Your welcome home lunch of grilled cheese sounds so yummy! I bet you ate every last ounce of it too.

    Glad to hear you're doing well after your mini vacation.

    Lily Belle