Monday, January 23, 2012

In Trouble Again

Lady knows I love cheese. She had six small chunks to have with her soup. I waited patiently. She gave me one chunk. Then she turned her back for a second. When she turned back around she discovered someone had eaten ALL of the cheese! Of course, I got blamed. Where are the kids when you need them? Lady says if I get loose motion it will serve me right! Sorry, Lady!


  1. Oh Marley, it is sooo hard to resist the call of "the cheese" :) I'm sure Lady couldn't get too mad at your cute little face.

  2. She had more cheese last night and didn't share even ONE piece.

  3. Marley, just what were you thinking! Too much cheese will ruin your handsome figure. Hoping that everything comes out OK.

    Hugs to you and Lady,
    Lily Belle

  4. Uh, it did -in toots! Lady said I fouled the air and she couldn't breathe!