Thursday, December 29, 2011

Takin' Care of Lady

Lady's sick today. I'm sticking close, until she runs from the room. And she's got a bad cold and sneezes a lot. Christy and Pearly came to take me out. They brought Lady some hot and sour soup. They also played catch with me and tug-o-war. I won. Our helper showed up today after being a no show yesterday. Lady was NOT happy with her, but soon got over it when she gave her a back massage with pain cream! We've got two heaters going because it is so cold in here. Well, I've got to go help Lady stay warm.


  1. Hope she feels better soon
    Dachshund Nola

  2. Oh Marley.... Not Lady again! We feel so horrible that she is so sick. Me thinks she needs to move to Hawaii with you. Please tell her that wish her well real soon! You're being such a good nurse to her. Keep up the good job!

    Hugs, Lily Belle

  3. Hot and sour soup is what I do when I have a head cold, too. Happy New Year to you and Lady! Best wishes for 2012!