Friday, June 03, 2011

Chilly Dog

We had another storm last night. I shook all night. The temperature dropped to 48 and only a high of 70 today. Very nice in the sun, but I had to wear my Pooh Coat. I was aching. This is when my arthritis kicks in and hurts me. Lady got my heater out again so I could warm up.
I gotta tell you a funny story. One of Lady's friends came to visit this morning. Lady gave her cake and tea. She gave me some of my dog treats that Aunty Lindsey gave me for my birthday. Then, Lady received a phone call and left the room. After her guest left, Jerry told Lady what happened. After she finished her cake, she reached into my baggie and ate my doggie treats! The nerve! She ate my cookies! Jerry was laughing and had to go in the kitchen. When she stopped, she pointed to the writing on the baggie that clearly says that they are MY COOKIES!! She told Jerry not to tell Lady, but of course, she did. This is not the first time Lady's guests have eaten my biscuits. I have my own jar with MY photo on it and MY name on it, yet still humans reach in and eat my treats!  Lady teaches me to share but she usually means with the poor dogs. Aunty Lindsey, your doggie cookies are a hit!

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