Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year, New Adventures!

Happy New Year, my friends -even you humans. I'm starting the new year with a bad back and a new adventure! Lady didn't want to leave me when she went to another city for language classes, so she called the hotel and got permission to bring me. She brought my crate. She says i need crate rest. Oh boy. At least she brought my toys and my blankie and my clothes. It is warmer here than in our city but it is still cold. Our room has a heater, so I am happy. I was fine this morning until after I walked Lady. Then my hind legs just gave out and i cried-loudly, when she picked me up. I did fine on the four hour taxi ride, except when Lady moved me. I like car rides. I sat on my blankie on Lady's lap as we wound around the mountains. It's a rough ride, but I don't get motion sick. We saw lots of humans puking on the side of the road. We saw lots of monkeys, goats, and of course cows. We had clear blue skies most of the way, then we got into clouds, and it was gray.
 Here's my first photo of the new year, at the park with my downstairs neighbors.
 I love just hanging out in the sun, even though it was not even 40 degrees!
 May you have lots of sunbeams in which to bask this year!
Padma likes me. I make her smile.
Let me hear from you, okay?

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