Saturday, April 10, 2010

Obstinate Walker

Lady gave me some trouble again this morning. Whose walk is it, anyway? It's mine, right? So who should choose which way we go? Me. Right? So, I thought I had her trained. If she goes the wrong way, I put on the brakes until she heads the correct direction. I don't like her to lead. It's my walk. If she gets ahead of me, I put on the brakes until she stops and allows me to get ahead of her and LEAD. Now, I know the rules. Lady insists that the shortest one be on the inside, so I abide by that rule most of the time. I like to cross roads, so Lady is always shifting me to the inside. I've got to check everything out -especially dirt piles and tires, and the ladies, of course!
This morning, Lady just wouldn't go my way. I got her to go out our gate, and on the busy road, but I wanted to cross the divided highway. Why? Because it's my walk and I wanted to. I'm not afraid of cars and autos. Lady says I should be, and it is a problem. I wanted to keep walking down the big highway, but Lady insisted on turning around. So what if my tongue was hanging out and I was walking a bit slow. I wanted to keep going. I put on the brakes. Lady outweighs me and tugged hard on my safety leash. I gave in but I sure didn't have to like it. Yes, the temperature was climbing. It was only 8:30 and already around 90. Yes, I was moving slowly, but I didn't want to miss any of the smells. I tried to take Lady into the little park by our house, but she squashed that idea. Said I wasn't welcome. So what are the street dogs doing in there?
Lady says I'm obstinate. I think that means I'm an independent thinker.
Okay, so I was really pooped when we got home. I figured if I got tired, Lady would carry me home. She already carried me up and down the stairs. I give her an upper body work out!
And some stranger tried to pet me this morning. Bad idea. He thought better of it. He didn't even ask my Lady if it was okay.
This evening, we walked pretty quickly. It is still hot. I didn't get to go swimming as Lady did this evening, but I heard her mention something about a cooling bath!

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