Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Little black dogs get hot easily. In case you are wondering, it is 106 degrees today. Tomorrow's high is projected to be 110. Lady gave me a cooling bath today that helped. I am getting ready for my guests- a tiny human,and his mom. They have been to see me before, but not for a sleepover. They should be here soon. Tomorrow night, a human friend from our last city is coming for a sleepover. She'll bunk with us. I am excited! Guests mean more food. Babies mean more food on the floor!
Lady washed me as well as all my toys and rugs, in case the baby human gets them. She also put up all the stuff he can reach. I know better than to pull stuff off the tables but he doesn't. He just drools and laughs, eats and poops. Oh, and he has bad gas. I hope Lady doesn't blame me for any inappropriate explosions.
He better not pull my tail. Why to short humans like to do that? Lady says I have to be sweet to my guests. Well, of course!

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