Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rules for Little Dogs to Live By

Jenny brought over a full page from the newspaper about tentative rules for dogs and their humans. Lady just wanted to know where to register me and what she needed to bring. At English Corner last night, Edward translated some of the article. Turns out it is just the proposed guidelines and isn't in place yet. They don't have all the details worked out yet. In Shanghai, it costs $2,000 to register your dog! The article asked for input from the community. Well, Lady and I have some suggestions. Here are Lady's suggestions for the humans:
1. Make sure your dog has all the required immunizations and keep them up to date.
2. When in public, keep your dog on a leash.
3. Clean up after your dog.
4. Do not tie your dog up outside with no water and let him yelp all day and night. Take care of your pet.
5. Know what to do in case of a dog bite.
6. Do not let your dog near unleashed dogs without humans.
Here are my suggestions:
1. Never poop where asomeone can step in it. Fertilize trees, grass and bushes.
2. Don't sniff other dogs' poop.
3. Never take your human out for a walk without putting them on a leash. They might get lost or walk in front of a car.
4. Don't yap unless you have something to say, like, "get away from my human, " or " someone is at the door and I don't know who it is." Sometimes a growl is much better."
5. Don't eat sausages in the store until your human pays for it, but it's okay to put holes in it so they have to.
6. Train your human to give you treats, but be sure to eat your dog chow first.
7. Don't drink dirty water. It will make you sick.
8. Don't bite the white coats when they stick you. It is for your own good and can save your life.
9. Don't bite any human unless they are trying to hurt your human, or you will disappear and never return.
10. Don't chew your human's things, especially blankets. Your poop will come out all connected by the threads and it hurts.
11. Don't pee pee on the rice bags, garlic bins, or potatoes in the market, or you won't get to go back.
12. Be very still and quite when you ride in a car or on the bus.
13. Love your human and they will love you back.
14. If you do something wrong, wag your tail, lick their face, and show them your big dark eyes!
I hope you find my suggestions helpful.

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  1. Marley,
    I'm so glad you are there to take care of Lady! Without you she would not know what to do. I hope you will share your list - it is important and there are many other four-legged friends that need your advice. Ya'll have a great day!