Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween, I Guess

I don't really know what Halloween is, but if I can get meat then it is a good day. In China it is just another day. Lady didn't make me dress up, just wear a mask. I didn't like it so she had to take the photo quickly. i did a trick and I got the treat! We went into a neighborhood shop to get some things. While Lady wasn't looking, I chose my own fat sausage. I wanted to eat it on the spot, wrapper and all, lest she swipe it from me. She took it from me, but let me have it later, without the wrapper.
Jenny came over for dinner tonight. She brought me a thin Chinese pancake. I let Lady have a bite, but I ate most of it. Jenny came in her police uniform. After dinner, I took Lady and Jenny for a walk. We sent a plastic jack-o-lantern with candy inside and a Corduroy's Halloween book to Jeremiah. I am tired and ready for bed. May all your spirits be holy.

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