Sunday, September 10, 2006

Teacher's Day

September 10 is Teacher's Day in China, home to over 13,000,000 teachers! Last night, Jade surprised Lady with a huge bouquet of different colored roses. Dora gave her a framed picture, and some dried potato chips her mother had prepared. These chips must be deep fried in peanut oil and then salted. I like them! Today, Lady has received many text messages, e-mails, and phone calls, wishing her a happy day. She didn't have any classes today, though. She went to the government church with Katrina and Elaine. At the end of the service, 16 people went forward to receive Christ. After they say they are willing to follow Jesus, and the prayer, they are given a paper that has a list of things they shouldn't do now that they believe in Jesus. After the list of "don'ts" is a list of some of God's promises. Baptisms are held only once a year before Easter. The new believers also have to fill out a registration form for the government. Before the baptism, there will be a training class for all those wishing to be baptized. The new church outside the city will be dedicated September 23rd. It's smaller than the main one in the city.
Lady teaches future teachers, although some in her class want to open their own businesses, or be tour guides. Most, however, will be teachers. Today's teachers will be much better trained than those in the past.
Lady is still afraid to take me to the park for English Corner. She's afraid the animal control police will take me away from her. More than 65 students and adults came last night! I hate to miss it, but I don't want to be snatched away, either. In a couple of months, they will forget all about this latest craze of keeping pets off the streets, and Lady will let me go.
I've got a strange, circular patch of white hair on my side. I don't like Lady touching it. Do you know what it might be? I think Lady's going to take me back to the White Coats again.
Well, I better go help my favorite teacher do her lesson plans.

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