Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gloria, Tina, Jade, Helen, and Maggie came to see me today. I am so popular. The human ladies love me. I guess the flowers are for Lady for Teacher's Day. After the girls left, Jade, Lady and I went to dinner. Jade ordered rice and pork for me. Lady did take me back to the White Coats yesterday to look at my strange white patch. They said it was from medicine and no problem. Lady disagreed and told them to look closer. When he touched it I let him know I didn't like it one bit. Lady told him there was something under it. At first they said it was nothing but that lady should take me to the big animal hospital in the capital city. After they called the hospital, they changed their minds and said to bring me back in about 10 days. Well, it is fatter today! Does anybody know what it could be? Lady is so concerned that when I accidently nipped her trying to get her to scratch me, she bopped me on the nose and scolded me, but quickly let me back up on the sofa with her. I think I am going somewhere tomorrow because my bag is packed and so is Lady's. I heard her tell Jenny she is going to see friends. That means I'll be going on vacation to Julia and Betty's.  Posted by Picasa

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