Monday, May 23, 2016


Hello World, Teddy here.
So who could possibly believe I could get into so much trouble? Training the peeps is really hard work. I just keep trying. Mommy has to learn that if there is ANY way I can reach even just the handle of her purse I WILL get it and then it's fair game.
I got into Mommy's test kit and chewed up the tiny bottle of control solution. The carpet hadnt recovered. Maybe they'll buy another rug to cover up more of my mistakes. I wouldn't hold still for photos. I got it all over both paws and my beard. Its fading.
Mommy bought me a new toy !
Then Grandma discovered four surprises on her carpet upstairs. Well, I didn't want to interrupt the movie.

Do you think I'll have to give it back?
Mommy thinks she can keep me out of the garbage with new cans that have lids. Ha! All you have to do is poke your nose under the edge and then put your paws in the space and pull it over.
The laundry basket doesn't have a lid so it's fair game.
Blue markers taste good. I can open the marker box.
Sometimes I scratch, so Mommy bought these special soothing wipes. They have a bitter taste to keep me from chewing. I ate the wipe.
Hey! Do you know what this is? Its a gopher!
We saw it in the dunes. When I try to sniff it, it just pulls its head in. No fun. Hey this dude is big!
Okay World. Be curious and look in EVERYTHING!
Wags, Teddy. 


  1. You are having way too much fun, Teddy! Life is sure good for you☺

  2. YAY, sounds like there's funs, funs, funs at your house Teddy!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. hari OM
    hehehehe, oh the energy, the curiosity... you are one happy puppy, I can tell! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. It seems you are having too much fun getting BOL

  5. Love your new Toy Teddy... butt it won't keep you from your EXPLORATIONS and FUN... Will it? We like living YOUR exciting life..vicariously. BaaaaWaaaaah.

  6. That is a great new toy Teddy, but we know it isn't as good as all the other things you can explore.

  7. Sounds like a thorough child-proofing is needed at your house! We have the trash can under the sink and there's a baby latch on the door. Purses are stored on top of the fridge. Medicines are locked in the bedroom on the top shelf. Anything chewable is locked up too. But we still always find something to get into!

  8. Yup. I'm training Mommy. Elook for thosevery time she thinks she has put everything out of reach, I prove her wrong. The trick is, you have to be real quick and watch for just enough opening to get in and out lickity split.