Saturday, June 09, 2012


If you haven't read about my great adventure, be sure to scroll down and read all my posts! 
Last night, I had five American guests for dinner. We expected them for my birthday pawty, but they were delayed by travel issues. Soooo, they came to visit me last night. Lady made mini pizzas, a yummy spinach and mushroom casserole, party mix with local stuff, carrots and dip (yum), tomato and cuke salad, cherries, cantaloupe, and sweet tea. She said they were from the south so sweet tea was required. They were soooo happy! She also made chocolate cake with ices cream for dessert. I didn't eat cake. Tamra gave me a most awesome hedgehog that makes the coolest sound ever. I loves it. Hannah gave me a Mallard duck with another cool squeaker! Wesley also brought me a gift, but he let me enjoy Hedgie for the evening. Just before he left, he gave me a squeaky raccoon! They didn't leave until way past my bedtime, but when they did, I carried my new coon to bed with me! I loves it. This morning I am enjoying both my new coon, mallard, and Hedgie. I want whichever one Lady takes! Julia, Andrew, Wesley, and Hannah all gave me attention, but not like Tamra. She loves me, and took photos of me. Lady's second camera quit on the trip, so she is currently without a camera. No, her phone only makes calls.
Our neighbor came up at 6:00 AM so Lady had to get up early, but not me. I snoozed until almost 8:00! Hey I have made some new friends in SWEDEN! They are wirehairs. They hunt! You should check out their blog at lindsjotaxar. Be sure to hit the translation button! We LOVE her photography -okay maybe not the hunting part so much, but the photos are gorgeous! We love having more international furriends.


  1. Wow two new toys! You is one lucky doggy! Deccy x

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry about Lady's camera not working... but I'm very happy you told us about your visit.

    (And Lady is right, we people who live in the South love our Sweet Tea!!!)

    2 new toys? You are one lucky puppy!

    Milo (stepping in for Shelle, Dixie and Newby who are sleeping in on this lovely Saturday)

  3. More toy's for Marley ~ lucky dog! I have a Hedgie too and he is my most favorite toy. He was the first one I got as a baby so he is extra special to me. Of course, he's been to the hospital many, many times over the past 8 years and has had lot's of stitches to repair his open wounds. I'm sad to say he doesn't talk anymore as his voice box is broken.

    Lady's dinner sounds so delicious. She is the hostest with the mostest as we say here. I'm surprised she has that much energy to do all that cooking. I think you two need to take a week off, kick your paws up and just relax.

    Sorry to hear about Lady's camera. We really enjoy your pictures so hope she is able to fix it soon.

    Have a great weekend you two!

    Lily Belle

  4. Sure you enjoyed a lot having all of them at home!
    Not funny about the camera, right? I hope it gets fixed soon!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs