Thursday, June 07, 2012

Marley the Adventure Dog's Trip Journal

Be sure to read the previous post first.
DAY 1: Taxi ride for 71/2 hours with Lady and Nan. Got to Bill's school. I remember this place!

 Part of the road -the good part.

DAY 2: Hung out at the school. Jumped off bed, scolded. Went on outing and got to run in a field.

DAY 3: School's Program. Didn't come when Lady called, scolded. Went with Lady to the next village to teach the Breast Cancer Awareness program. Went out the door without permission and into the road when a truck came, scolded.

 The little ones doing a song Lady taught them.

DAY 4: Stayed back and supervised while Lady and Nan hiked to a village to teach the Breast Cancer Awareness Program. They had to hike up about thirty minutes to get there.

.Lady taught the kids how to make a shape man.

 Saw Lady's sheep, Grace. A cow cut her with its horn so they had to take her to the vet, then here to school
They brought Grace to school until the day was over. She hid under the principal's desk! Grace is better now.I wasn't allowed to bother her but I had a good sniff!
DAY 5: 3 hour van ride to the district seat so Lady could get her permit to enter the restricted area. Took all day. I threw up a lot, consequence of sneaking into the kitchen and stealing chicken bones. No treats today.
 Bill, Rae, Pallu, Nan and me at the dam for the hydroelectric power plant 1000 KW! We saw lots of waterfalls today.
 Mt. Kinnaur Kailash.
 In the district seat, Recong Peo.

Day 6: Another long day of travel into the really high mountains. Now they are brown and mostly treeless. The principal of one of Lady's schools  (Bill) drove us to the principal of the second school's home.

The power was off for 24 hours when we got there. We had two candles for light. They warmed up a bucket of water on the wood fire so Lady could take a bucket bath. They showed me my bed and it didn't take me long to get to sleep. I'm a pooped pup!
Come back tomorrow for the rest of the story!


  1. Oh Marley... Were you just way too excited on this journey that you forgot all of your training? You know, sit, stay, come, no?? I'm sorry that you got scolded but I have to say, me thinks Lady was right to scold you. She (and we) don't want nothing happening to you Marley! Please be way more careful next time (and that's a direct order from Muffin and Me.)

    Your journey was a llllooooonnnnnggggg one but we are happy you are home safe and sound. It is fantastic that Lady taught classes on breast cancer awareness as that is most important. Every woman that can be educated is hopefully another life saved from this dreadful disease. Big kudos to Lady for all of her hard work!!

    There are some really beautiful places in India as we can see. There are also some places that make us realize just how blessed we are!

    We enjoyed all of your pictures today and your story. We look forward to more tomorrow.

    Lily Belle
    P.S. Sorry to be so hard on you Marley, but I hope you know just how important you are to us!

  2. Oh how cool! Those are great pictures

  3. Wow! It's so beautiful. We'd never get there--SHE's afraid of heights and would have died on that road!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    No wonder you were so tired.

  4. Marley!
    What a trip!
    Lots of pawesome places!
    Glad Grace is ok!
    Aaaand.... sounds like you got into some trouble, right?
    I am happy you are back at home!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Lorenza and Lily, at the first school, I went around back behind the outhouse to read poo and pee-mail. There's barbed wire fence around the area. I didn't come when Lady called and she thought I had gone out the gate into the road. There are many hazards for a little dog there -huge trucks and buses, huge Indian cows, horses, donkeys that chase little dogs, and huge street dogs that aren't friendly. I apologized and was good.I know not to go out the gate! I won't wander that far from Lady. Nope, I stick like glue!

  6. What a fantastic adventure you are having. We loved the photographs. Deccy x

  7. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Hi Marley my name is Scooter. My owners are Hannah and Corban. Someday i want to meet you, you look like alot of fun!