Friday, June 15, 2012

Marley the Adventure Dog Goes Trekking

Bummer! Lady still doesn't have a working camera! Nan starts college tomorrow, so Lady and I took her on a trek. We had planned to go to this really high peak, but we didn't get accurate information as to the starting point, and how long it would take. Found out we would have to spend the night unless we had left before 6:00 AM! We didn't have our sleeping bags with us, so we went on an alternate trek down to a glen in a valley near here. I got to ride in a car again! 
The path down was rather rocky with some of the rocks as big as me! I just went around then on the grassy areas covered in pine needles. Lots of Himalayan cedars, pines, birches, oaks and lush green undergrowth. The banks were covered in Lady's favorite flowers, daisies! Lady let me loose, but kept my lease on just in case. Turned out to be a good thing when we ran into the monkeys, and when a bull chased me. The goats were curious, but stayed away. 
I had fun in the glen, just running around on the grass. We found a very small government preschool. I think I disrupted class! We saw the original temple in the area which is dilapidated. I got to read a bunch of pee-mail there!
The sun was so intense when we were not under the towering cedars that this little black dog got hot! I found a little mountain creek to ease my thirst, and a puddle to lie in! Lady and Nan let me rest before trekking back up to the bazaar (market area). Another car ride (a taxi) and I was back home.
But my awesome day didn't finish there.  Nan's parents invited us over for a thanksgiving meal (that Nan can go to college). I am a motta baccha (fat baby) again. They ate momos (jiaozi, steamed dumplings), and I ate pancakes and a hard boiled egg! AND they gave me a monkey that screams! It has bands in it and flies across the room. I had a great time. Nan's dad gave us a ride home on his motorcycle! It's almost all downhill winding around the mountain to our home. I loved it! Can you believe it? Three car rides, an egg, pancakes, a flying monkey, a trek, and a motorcycle ride all in one day!!! Oh, and Lady made me a soft taco (soy protein fake meat) for lunch!
I am one blessed baccha! 
Nan took photos with her phone so maybe tomorrow I can post some, so be sure to come back!


  1. Oh I can't wait to see those photos tomorrow!

  2. I can tell you all ate your Wheaties this morning bcuz you're all so full of energy! We didn't get to do anything cool today except the soopervisin' of shrub cutting and a lot of raking in the yard.

    Lily Belle

  3. Anonymous5:06 AM

    What a day you had. Aunty hopes the pictures turn out good.

    Today was very boring for me. Aunty Marilyn and Uncle Horton left at 8:45 and got home a 4 p.m. Boring.....
    Uncle had his 3rd doctor's visit in 3 days. His heart has been hurtng since the first of the month. Yesterday he had an echocardiogram and today he had a stress test. The results were not good. Next Tuesday the doctor will put in a stent in an artery that is 60 percent blocked and is getting worse. Please pray for him and the doctor..It is not a serious procedure but any time you go under the knife it is not good for someone his age. (76)

    You and Lady are going to miss Nan. We wish her well at school.
    I am sure you have taught her well, so she will be okay.

    Buddy Boy

  4. That sure was a grrreat day!
    Good luck to Nan at her school!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Wow! That sounds like quite an adventure! Weren't you scared riding on the motorcycle? A lot of my puppy friends are afraid of just being near a motorcycle, so you must be very brave!


  6. Another fantastic got to GO IN a taxi? AND on a MOTORBIKE? We just go in our own car!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy