Friday, June 08, 2012

Marley the Adventure Dog's Trip Journal

Be sure to read the previous posts first! I am one happy pup to be back home, going naked in my own 'hood, catching up on pee-mail, and enjoying all my new birthday toys. I didn't eat for the first day back, but I am good to go now. I was secretly holding out for chicken, but Lady thinks it was just all the travel.
DAY 13: On Saturday afternoons, all the kids ride the bus to a grassy field by the river to play. I had a great time of exploring and running around. That's one thing I miss here, getting to run in wide open spaces with no tether! 

 The view from the field.

 I just liked hanging out in the grass and running around smelling stuff. Of course, I had to have a bath when I got home. I wasn't allowed on the bed until I was a clean boy. Lady and Nancy had dinner at another teacher's home and brought me chicken, veggies, AND paneer! Yum!
DAY 14: This is the day we went to Dhangkhar Lake and I went swimming. Please see the photos from my first post of my journey, but here are some more.

 Nan and me.
Entry to the monastery. 
DAY 15: Travel day. The principal's friend who is driving us said he'd come at 7:00 am but showed up before 6:00 am! Lady was up and dressed, and just happened to see him when she went to the outhouse. She ran in and woke Nan and me up and said, "get dressed! Our ride is here!"The man was taking his daughter to Delhi for college, so we could hitch a ride. We only had one scary incident. I had just moved into Nan's lap on the left after sitting the whole trip with Lady when a rock hit our window and shattered it, showering Nan, me, and Lady with glass! Praise the Lord none of us were cut. Lady felt it hit her face, but no cuts! We met up with Bill, Pallu, and Rae just 2 km later to take us to their house -another two hours. 

 Yak traffic jam.
We got to Bill and Rae's just before the rains. We just got ready for tomorrow's trip home. Rae made us rice and dal. I DIDN'T have a bath!! 
DAY 16: We left Apple Country at 7:25 and headed home. We had some extras hitching a ride with us to the highway, then we had more room. Bill forgot we had all our stuff up on the roof racks and started to go under the waterfall to wash the van! OOPS! 
We stopped for breakfast about two hours later. Bill accidentally closed my tail in the van door! I cried, Lady screamed and Bill fumbled with the keys to get the door open. Lady scooped me up and hugged me tight. I was fine, but I let her dote on me awhile. She took me in the restaurant and just dared anybody to say anything about it! It doesn't seem to hurt, no broken cartilage, no blood, but I got a treat anyway. Lady told Bill he owed me some chicken! It's okay, I forgave him. Not so sure about Lady though.
It's cherry season in our state so we got some fresh cherries at a roadside stand -one of many. I don't eat cherries, but Lady likes them, and bought some for Nan's mom. My tail started wagging about 45 minutes out from home. I knew where we were!! After eight hours we were almost home!  We dropped Nan off, and finally got home! I ran around in my house checking everything out, and rediscovering my new toys from my birthday the day before we left. Bill and Rae went to the Mall Road, but Lady stayed here to unpack, start washing, and go shopping for food for everybody. 
Well, that's my trip journal for this particular journey. Hope you enjoyed coming along with me. Any other furriend been as high as I have? Lady said I was a good traveler, and she is so glad I was with her!


  1. Now we understand why you were soooo tired! That's quite a lot of traveling you three did. Minus the few set-back's ~ Bath's every day, getting scolded for not listening, broken glass all over you, tail in door, I'd say you had a grand ol'e time! We are really thrilled that you shared your wonderful journey with all of us. Most of us would never get to do any of that in our lifetime. Plus you taught a lot of people some very important messages along the way. You rock!!

    Lily Belle

  2. Whew!!! I would need a nap for a week to get over all those adventures. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures. We are a little jealous... not of the daily baths... but of all the wonderful memories you made!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby

  3. We've never been so high. We're not much more than sea level. Thank you for all your great pictures so we can share that part of the world with you.

    We love the yaks.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Glad your tail wasn't badly injured......and you got chicken.

  4. Those are some very hairy yaks. I didn't know what they were until I read the post. Hope your tail is okay and not sore. Take care of lady and give her lots of doggy hugs!

    Love from Atlanta